The first post – About us

Hello everyone! This is how we would like to start our online jurney. It is not easy to begin but we are sure once the first post is ready and published, many more will follow and writing will get easyer.

Let’s start the post properly, we would like to introduce ourselves , yes we are more than one, and we are a family (a happy one too).

Our names are: Raluca and Stefan, we are 29 and respectively 31 years old.

Not that you know our names and age and the first introduction is made, we will try to personalize it and each posting and each day you will discover more of our wonderful life, challenges, joy and passions.

Each one will write a short introduction, not knowing what the other one wrote – then we will publish them and see what the result is.

Let’s start!

Raluca’s small  starting description

Stefan’s small starting description

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