Delicious caramel cake with walnuts

Hello world!

This Saturday we did something sweet, we baked a delicious caramel cake with walnuts. This is our second time we baked this cake, first time was a while ago. Since we started the blog and we want to post also food and recipes here we thought we can start with something sweet.

Take a look of what we baked and you will see it is absolutely delicious, feel free to make this as it is a simple recipe.


Here is what you need as ingredients to the cake:caramel-cake-with-walnuts-ingredients-dough

1. For the cookie dough you will need:

– 9 egg whites

– 300 g (10 ounces) of sugar

– 150 g (5 ounces) of grounded walnuts

– 3 table spoons of flower

 – 1 baking powder

– 300 g (10 ounces) of grounded white chocolate (if you like you can use black chocolate instead)

* ignore the butter from the picture – this is needed for the second part – the cream and topping

 You need to mix the egg whites with the sugar until it hardens and becomes like a cream and  then add the flour, the grounded walnuts and the baking powder. The dough is now ready to be put in a baking tray. Put a baking sheet in your baking tray or if you do not have baking sheets then just butter the tray. Put the tray into the oven for about 25 minutes (about 150-180 degrees Celsius). When it is done, take it out of the oven and quickly sprinkle the dough with the chocolate so it will melt a little bit….


 2. The cream and topping has the following ingredients:

– 9  yolks caramel-cake-with-walnuts-ingredients-cream

– 18 table spoons of sugar (if you think this will be too sweet you can cut the sugar and put only 14 table spoons )

– 1 + ½ pack of butter (but we think that only 1 is enough)

– 3 table spoons of cold water

– 300 g (10 ounces) of chopped walnuts

You need to mix the yolks with 8 (or 6) table spoons of sugar until the sugar is assimilated and you have a nice uniform mixture. The rest of the sugar needs to be caramelized into a pan. Add then the butter  and the water and mix until the butter melts. Add the yolks and the chopped walnuts and mix until you have a cream. Let it cool a little bit and then pour the cream on top of the dough.


Cool it in the fridge or in a cold place for a while and then enjoy a sweet cake!


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