DIY – acrylic painting on stretched canvas – composition of 3 paintings

Hello all!
Today I am going to present a small DIY project we made a couple of weeks ago: It is a beautiful acrylic painting on stretched canvas, a composition of 3 paintings that can be hanged on the wall behind a sofa in your living room, on the hallway (if you have one big enough) or in the bedroom (like we did).

Supplies needed: diy-circles-painting-back-of-canvas

– 3 white stretched canvases – bought from a local home and garden store – we bought 3 40×40 cm canvases  (that is 15.7″x15.7″)

– some acrylic paint – bought some yellow and blue shades because white, black, orange and red we already had at home

– brushes and other round objects you can use to make the circles on the painting

How we did it?

We started to paint the background of all 3 canvases with successive layers of yellow trying to simulate a circle of light from the sun …. darker shades of yellow as you progress down into the canvas.

When that was done we started to make the circles on each canvas using the brush (circular movement of the brush and it creates a perfect circle) or different round objects to give the circular shape, then with the brush filled in the circles. We made different  sizes of circles and then repeated the action with different shades of color yellow and blue.

After we finished the circles we used black acrylic paint and we made connected the circles to the lower end of the canvas to create a strain like effect.

This is what came in the end of it:



That is it! Easy and creative, and a perfect decoration for one of our bedroom walls.



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