Ice hockey and my favorite team: Corona Brasov Wolves

Ice hockey and my favorite team: Corona Brasov Wolves!

This post is all about my favorite sport: ICE HOCKEY

The process of me loving ice hockey happened only a few years ago. One day a good friend of mine called me and asked me if I want to join together with Raluca to an ice hockey game. First thought was: “oh my god that violent and cold sport!!” and I told him I am not sure if we would like it. He told us that it will be fun. We decided to go and we saw our first live ice hockey game: Corona Brasov versus the all time rival Hockey Club M. Ciuc.

They lost that game but we were so fascinated by the game that we started to go to each home game we could. Since then we both become huge ice hockey fans.

Why I love ice hockey?

I never was a sport fanatic, I liked to play from time to time soccer and other team sports (currently we go ice hockey fanplay badminton with some friends but this will be described in a later post…) but never a huge fan of a sport. In ice hockey you find a balance between all the aspects that attracts us in a sport: strength of the players, grace of ice skating, team spirit, fans and the gallery, a drop of violence, competition.

I really admire the ice hockey players, I am not such a good skater and they just fly over the ice rink making impossible things on skates, with a stick in their hand and trying to hit a little black rubber thing (the puck). And even worse, they need to throw the puck and score a goal in a tiny goal net, mostly defended by a huge person (with some huge equipment pieces).

My favorite home team: Corona Brasov Wolves.

This is a young team, we only have an ice rink since 2010, and the team was founded in 2009. This is a young team but already with some extraordinary results: 2 times Romanian Cup winners (2013 and 2015) and 1 time Romanian Championship winners (season 2013-2014).

In Romania ice hockey is not such a popular sport and we only have 6 professional level teams that are playing in 2 championships: the Romanian Cup and the Romanian Championship.

The Wolves are playing also in an inter country league called The Mol League (this season 2014-2015 the Mol League has 8 teams, 2 from Romania, 1 from Slovakia and 5 from Hungary). The best performance of my home team, up to now,  was the last season when we got in the playoffs and we finished second, unfortunately we lost the finals.

In this period the regular season has only a few weeks and then is PLAYOFF TIME! Gooooo Wolves!!!!

My favorite abroad team: Chicago Blackhawks

chicago-blackhawksSince the hockey fever caught me I started to read about other leagues and teams, I always knew about the famous NHL league and I was attracted by a legendary team from NHL: the Blackhawks.

I like their logo, the equipment and the style of play and I hope to see them again Stanley cup champions this season!



That is it for today! If you like ice hockey or you are a huge fan of “The Wolves” or the Blackhawks please share this post!

Hockey Brasov

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