Raluca’s first description


I am not sure how to begin, so I m hoping that all will come as I write.

I will try to describe myself as good as I can and hoping that I will not forget something.

My name is Raluca. I`m 29 years old (almost 30). Stefan and I, we are married for almost 10 years (and 100 more to come). Recently we bought our first house and we decided to make our first blog since we love to make a lot of things. So I should say that I (we) love `Do it yourself` projects. Until now we did a lot of things together (indoor and also outdoor) in our new home – but also in the other homes where we lived.

A new thing that I discovered is that I love to work in the garden. This summer we had our first tomatoes, strawberries, pumpkins, beans, peas and radishes, and of course we had also flowers – lots of flowers I could say.

Since we moved here with our fluffy gray cat Sysy (which is almost  7 years old) I was afraid to let her out in the garden, but it did not took long until we let her experience the outside world and now she is the most happy cat in the world I could say. She has now two other `friends`, two dogs that we adopted – an old boy that we call Bobby and a female that I call Girl. I don`t think that they (the cat and the dogs) love each other but they learned to tolerate each other. Along this journey you will see them in photo`s.

Another thing about me… I love to watch YouTube videos, I do have a big list of channel`s that I follow (beauty, family, cooking) but I will not write about this on our blog… or we will see.

We both love Hockey, we have a small team in our small town and we go often to see their games.

For the moment I think that I covered a lot of things about me and my family, more you will discover if you watch our journey. Hoping to become friends along this road!


Love, Raluca.

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