Stefan’s first description

Just before you sit down and start writing you have tons of ideas, words are floating trough your head, you have all the categories figured out and you know by heart what to write in every post. The things go harder when you start writing those ideas and sometimes you get stuck.

Hello world! My name is Stefan , you already know I am 31 years old, I will also share a photo of me (i am not a photogenic person but in order we all need have a face associated with a name and post).

This blog is a dream of mine that has waited too long to be realized … each time I wanted to start it something else came up.

Both Raluca and me, we have our own styles and  how I want to to construct „the discovery of who we are” like a puzzle the readers will have to make. I will provide tiny clues in each post, and in time you will know me, and I will get to know me better.

The first clue about me, about us, is our location: we live somewhere in Europe. That is it for now! More clues to follow in the next posts.


About the blog

I think is important to have a desciption about this blog project. The purpose is simple : to express ourselves, to share our happyness and life experience  and to gather as many online friends as we can.

The main categories I can think about now when I am writing this post are:

Do it Yourself (DIY) – because we love small diy projects, to be creative and have fun making cool , and beautiful things.

Food – Live to eat or eat to live? We love to test new food recipes and have a healthy livestile.

Practical advice – it is so hard to find real practical advice that can help improve your life. We will try to post the things that helped us so that you , the reader, can choose what can help you in your life jurney.

Highlights of the day or week – I want to write only about positive things and forget about negative moments in my day, it’s not worth my time and effort to think avout negative things, and I truly believe that positive thoughts will attract more positive thoutghts and ultimately positive things will happen.

Trips, nature and world – I love to travel and to see new things, will try to share the wonderfull world with everyone,  what we visited, my future travel plans, places I love, places we will love to travel to.

People – we are sorrounded with other people, people we love, we admire. People can do wonderful things when they want…those wonderful things will be written here.

Postcards and poscrossing – we are involved in the postcrossing project – more info will come in the first post about that.

Readers feedback – I hope in the near future we will receive feedback and why not constructive criticism, we will respond to that and improve our online jurney.


That is it for now! Thank you for reading this, subscribe for new posts and have a wonderful and sunny day!


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