DIY – SUNSHINE decoration on stone

One of the DIY projects that we repainted because the colors faded away, washed by the rain and snow.

This stone has a story – we found it in one of our trips in the mountains. I was impressed to see painted stones up there and I decided to take one of them home as a souvenir.

We painted with more colors and was a piece of decoration in our last apartment.

As we moved to a house with garden we put it outside, next to the door but the colors were washed away so we had to repaint.

Here are all the supplies that we used for this project:

  • Stone
  • Acrylic paint – 3 colors: gold, white and blue
  • 2 brushes – one for me and one for my husband
  • 1 plate to put the paint
  • Varnish – as a finish

First we did the shape of the sun with gold and let it dry.

After that we combined blue with white and we painted the sky, and of course we let it dry again.

For the last touch we put a layer of Varnish to protect the colors in time … and I hope that this time the sun will shine more than last time.

It was a fun project for us, we hope that you will like it and why not make your own SUN SHINE.

Have a great day!

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