Take what you need – picture of the day

I found this picture online a while ago and I think is so inspiring and can bring at least a smile on the face of everyone that will see this:

Take what you need:

Love – take love if you need that today you need love take-what-you-need-love-hope-faith-enjoy-small-things

Hope – when everything seems to be lost, turn to hope to guide you trough dark days

Faith – never forget about faith in good

Patience – we rush daily to our jobs, shopping and even when we meet with friends, maybe patience is what you need today

Courage – have something to do? Take some courage to finish it up!

Understanding – you have unlimited understanding if you take it from here today!

Peace – when you want peace you are in harmony with the universe, take peace if that is what you need

Passion – maybe you lack passion today, take it from here

Healing – everyone needs healing to the body or soul from time to time, take this today if you really need it

Strength – if strength is what you need today, just take all the strength you need

Beauty – feel ugly today? NO you are NOT! Take some beauty and show it to the world!

Freedom – nothing compares to the feeling of freedom, take it if that is what you need


Hope that everyone took a piece of what they need after reading my post, have a great day and make good deeds! Never forget to enjoy the small things in your life


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