We received 6 new postcards today!

Hello friend readers!

Today we just received 6 postcards from the #Postcrossing project. We always receive many postcards at once because our post office is a bit far and the postman collects them a few days and then visit us with lots of pleasant surprises. It is quite good to receive something else than bills in your mailbox.

For me it is a joy and a great adventure to open my mailbox, I never know what postcard I will receive or from where and from who…

The first postcard we received is sent from Canada by Daphne, ID: CA-487615 but he card itself is from Seattle, Washington  and it illustrates a beautiful Octopus Mosaic (I think from the local aquarium)

Octopus Mosaic Seattle

The second card shows some delicious muffins and it was sent by Marta from Poland, ID: PL-987635


The third one was sent from Malaysia and has a special shape. It ilustrates Mount Kinbalu from the Sabah Region. I really like the stamps on the card, I will make a picture later with the stamps. Card ID: MY-236666


The fourth postcard was sent from Monica from U.S. but the card itself it is from Asia, from Seoul and it illustrates The ancient places of Seoul and a memorial service. It is interesting to receive cards from one country but the card itself to be from a totally different country. (We are sending also cards from different countries) Card ID: US-3116151

ceremony in Seoul

The Fifth card we received today is  from Switzerland and it is an autumn composition, wood and leaves. Quite nice card, simple and warm. Card ID: CH-219330


The last card is from Germany showing many thumbnails of tourist attractions from the valley of Rhine. Germany is a beautiful land, we admired his beauty few times when we transited it. Card ID: DE-3782442

That is it for today, I hope you will like the postcards we received, we love them and we want to thank the senders for making our day better!


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