10 simple tricks to enjoy life and live happy

My 10 tricks that make my life a joy each day.

Before I start with the tips I just want to acknowledge that we are all unique so if you find some tips that can’t apply to your life and personality, well that is OK!

Just take what you think is right  for you from my article. We all should take the good things from every experience in life.

The life hacks presented here are placed in a random order.

1. Take the good and positive things from each experience in life.

Each day is a new lesson in the school of life, try to take advantage of everything you learn new and gather all the good experiences and positive things that will enrich your days to come. Forget about negative feelings and thoughts. Learn the positive lessons from each experience and happiness will follow.

2. Smile , smile, smile and smile again!

Even if you have a hard day at school, at work or at home just stop a second from the daily routine and smile. Yes, STOP and SMILE!  At first that smile will seem to be a bit forced but you will soon see that when you smile, happiness will follow from outside to inside and from inside to outside.

Make an experiment and smile to each and every person you meet in a day! Nothing compares to the reaction of a person that you just made his day better and he or she smiled back at you.

This is backed up also by science, if you search the web with the term the science of smile you will find tons of articles about scientific studies of the benefits of smiling in our daily life.

3. Practice gratitude and be thankful for all good things in your life

I always say that happiness comes from the inside of you. And you have the power to control that because your mind is a powerful instrument. Practicing gratitude is a good start in the journey of living a happy life. You can also use a well known trick: every morning when you wake up or every night just before you go to bed think about 3 things you are grateful in your life. Try also to share those 3 things with someone to amplify the effect of gratitude. (See this test for example: How to rewire your brain for positivity and happiness)

4. Invest in memories not in possessions, travel and explore the world

Great experiences create great memories that will last for a lifetime. Travelling and exploring the world, seeing new places,  meeting new people and experiencing new cultures will give you a different perspective on the world and will enrich your life experience, ultimately bringing you  more happiness in your life.

5. Enjoy the journey, don’t focus only on the destination

Sometimes when we have a plan or a deadline or we need to accomplish something, we wait for a vacation or an important event in our life, we get stuck and our minds sees only the destination. We tend to forget the journey we take. We need to overcome that obstacle and enjoy the journey of life. Enjoy the small things in your life, enjoy each day and the beauty of the world and of the people next to you. That does not mean that the destination should be ignored, but never ignore the journey!

With other words, live in present, not in future or past!

6. Exercise at least a few minutes each day

Nowadays it is hard to make time to do everything, or at least that is what we all are saying. That is not entirely true, you can make time to accomplish, you just need to have the will to do what you propose to do. Exercise at least 10 minutes each day and your body and mind will thank you. Happiness will follow in many forms. A healthy body is the key to a healthy mind and a healthy mind will always bring a happy life.

10 minutes from 24 hours is not impossible at all.

7. Feed your brain to keep it healthy

Combine exercise for body with exercise for your brain. Our brain tends to be lazy and if we let him be with no challenges then he will start to degrade. Read books, play puzzles, if you are the games type then play mind games. Try to memorize stuff, like the color of the shirt of all people you meet in a day or other fun mind games that can keep your brain hungry for more.

8. Relax and meditate

We all feel sometimes we need to relax after a hard day. Do that! Your brain needs to restart sometimes and relaxing or meditating can help him do that. 10 minutes of thinking about the good things in your life or in your day can help you accomplish 2 great things: practicing gratitude and relaxing your mind.

9. Love. Grow relationships

Love is a pure thing, love can lift us and make us great. Love unconditionally is a happiness factor. Grow love and grow friendship with people that lift you up. Humans are social beings, we like to be surrounded by friends, people we love and share our personal experiences with others.But like every other thing in life, try to remember, moderation is the key, a too busy social life will have the consequence that you won’t have time for yourself!

10. Random acts of kindness

The universe has a strange way of giving you back what you feel and what you do. Try to make random acts of kindness for people you meet each day or for friends and family. Doing a kindness act is a reward itself,  a reward that will fill your day with warm feelings of happiness.


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