DIY – Coconut shell bowls to store your keys or jewelry on wooden base

This weekend we got creative and worked on 2 DIY projects – I will post the second one later and update the post with the link.

I wanted to do this one a long time already and we finally got the time for it, and the superb sunny weather helped us to have a beautifully Saturday afternoon doing cool DIY projects.

So we created a set of 4 coconut shell bowls on a wooden plank as base.

To be honest the result was more than I have expected, it is a cool decoration and now Raluca has an unique vintage looking jewelry storage that will be a great decoration for our sleeping room, and the best part is that it was hand made out of recycled materials and we had lots of fun building it together.

Here is what you need for this do it yourself project:

2  coconuts (I was looking for 2 coconuts with a long shape rather than round)

materials-needed-for-coconut-shell-bowls– a wooden plank

– wood varnish

– a wood planer

– sandpaper

– glue or silicone (we used a hot glue gun + 4 big head nails)

– felt-glides

Step 1 – prepare the wood plank

Find a wood plank for your base, if the wood plank is too long you need to cut it to fit your coconut shells. You can make a base for 3 or 4 coconut shells – we decided to go with a wood base for all 4 shells from the 2 coconuts we had.

The next step is to plan the wood using your wood planer to have the rough edges soften and give it a more vintage look.


When you are done with that part you need next to carefully smooth the wood plank with the sandpaper on all sides until the wood plank feels soft on touching it and has no other texture. Clean the wood with a cloth and it is ready to be varnished.

We varnished the wood plank once, left it to dry for about half of hour and then applied a second layer of wood varnish. For this project we used a wood varnish with walnut color.

Step 2 – prepare the coconut shells


Cut the 2 coconuts horizontally with a saw and then remove the coconut flesh and clean the shells. You will want to clean the exterior side of the shells first with a knife and then smooth them with sandpaper.

We decided to leave the exterior of the coconut shells unvarnished but to paint the interior with acrylic paint. We used blue combined with gold yellow. We just mixed the colors with no predefined patterns.

The result should look like this:


Step 3 –  put everything together

The last step and the most exciting step is to glue the shells to the wood base.


We used a hot glue gun but you can feel free to use a silicone to glue them together if you have no glue gun, with the glue gun everything is set up quicker and you do not need to wait a long time for the silicone to dry. We also used some small nails with big heads and right after we glued the coconut shells on the wood plank we nailed them in the center as an extra to be sure that the shells won’t detach from the wood base.

The last optional thing is to stick 4 felt-glides on the back of the wood



And the final result for our cool coconut shell bowls project:


We hope you will like this project and if you do, please share this post and try it yourself.

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