DIY – Coconut shell candle – Light me up!

Lavender scent candle in coconut shell – a quick do it yourself project.

This fun and quick to do project allows you to recycle a coconut shell and to use it in another way, make a candle from it and delight your senses with a lavender scent candle.

Here is the list of needed supplies for this project:
– One coconut (it is better to have a smaller coconut for this project) 

– Paraffin wax (or any other wax that can be used for candles)

– Lavender oil*

– Lavender flower or leaves (if you have them it will accentuate the scent of the candle)

– Candle wick

– a tin can or any other recipient where you can melt the wax

Instructions for the coconut DIY candle with lavender oil:

Step 1: Cut the coconut

First you need to cut the coconut in half, remove and eat the good part of the coconut, wash it and get it ready to be recycled. If you want you can make the exterior of the coconut smooth with a sandpaper and even use a varnish to give it a cool look.

I used the half of the coconut with the 3 natural holes as a support for the future candle and I have cut the cap (basically cut one coconut half in half again) so we will have a nice stand for our candle.. see the picture below…


Step 2: Prepare the wax

Now you need to prepare the wax. It is recommended to prepare the wax in a double boiler and do not put the recipient with the wax directly on fire. A double boiler means to put a water container on the fire and your wax container will heat from the water.

My recipient of choice to prepare the wax was a tin can (so we have already 2 recycled items in this DIY) but you can use any can or recipient of choice.

I did not used a double boiler for this but instead I used my electric oven and after I have measured the needed wax in the coconut shell (add 1-2 extra spoons of wax because when it will melt you will have less content). I left my wax in the oven for a couple of minutes always keeping an eye on it not to over heat the wax.

WARNING! Do not overheat the wax because it might ignite!!

When the wax is melted get it out from the double boiler or from the oven and add scent to it. I have added lavender oil and also some lavender leaves to accentuate the smell of the candle. Depending on the quantity of scent or oil you put in the mixture the future candle will smell less or more.

Step 3: Finish the candle

Now you need to place the candle wick into the coconut shell. I have placed 2 wicks  because my coconut was not quite a small one and once you light the candle with a big radius and only one wick you will have the edges that will never melt.

I used some chopsticks to keep the wicks up and straight. Then you need to wait for the wax to cool down.


 Practical Advice: Add the wick 2-3 times in the melted wax before you put it in the coconut shell.

Step 4: Enjoy and relax

The most important step of this project is to enjoy your new lavender scent candle and relax a bit (It’s only natural after so much work 🙂 )


* Lavender oil has a soothing and calming effect and  is also very beneficial for lung related problems, relieve stress and thereby help with tense muscles and muscle spasms. 

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