How to easily cut a pineapple in under 5 minutes

A useful life-hack to help you slice a pineapple easy and quick!

I like pineapple so much but the slicing of pineapple was a nightmare until a few years ago. I had no idea how to cut it quick and easy, I have started searched for online resources, looked on the papesr attached to some pineapples and finally I developed my own hybrid way to easily cut a pineapple in under 5 minutes. I will share this with you in a step by step tutorial with pictures…

All you need is a Pineapple (doh) and a good knife!


1. Put your pineapple down and cut the top part with the leaves and the bottom part (go about 1.5-2 cm into the pineapple – this part is hard so you won’t loose anything sweet)


2. Now you need to get the pineapple back vertically and to start slicing the crust of the pineapple in small slices. Go about 1-1.5 cm deep depending on the pineapple and how thick his crust is. The trick here is to go slicing with the circular shape of the pineapple in order to avoid loosing too much of the good stuff.


3. Get your pineapple horizontal again and now you need to deal with the eyes of the pineapple. You know, the ugly stuff that you don’t want to eat and obviously you don’t want to cut all of it because you’ll loose a lot of good sweet pineapple. Observe the patterns of the eyes and start slicing 2 or 3 of them in small cuts. See the pictures below…


This part takes a bit of time, depends on how handy you are  and this is how it suppose to look like when you are done:


4. Now cut the pineapple in half and each half in half again, you will get 4 big pineapple slices.


5. Cut the center of each slice go in 1-2 cm deep depending on how big is the center. Don’t think that you are wasting good pineapple because the center is hard and not sweet at all.


6. Horizontally cut each big slice in half and start cutting these slices in small chunks – I prefer the chunks to be as small as possible – bite size so I can eat them at once 🙂


Enjoy a delicious pineapple sliced in less than 5 minutes in 6 easy steps! Below you have my result:


Enjoy it and if you liked my way of cutting a pineapple please share this post!


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