Postcrossing – 3 new outbound postcards to Germany, Taiwan and USA

The last time when I went to the post office to drop the outbound postcards and buy some stamps I have found there some Brasov postcards, these cards are a bit old, but they are really nice.

I decided to buy some for the next outbound batch of postcards via Postcrossing… so here we are…

All 3 postcards have representative pictures from Brasov, our home town, located in the center of Romania, a beautiful city surrounded by the Carpathians. Brasov is a part of Transilvania region and it has a rich history with his beautiful medieval center and fortifications.

The first card goes to Gerhard in Germany, postcard ID: RO-98198 and it shows the old center of Brasov with the imposing Black Church (Biserica Neagra Brasov), a large Gothic church. The structure was partially destroyed during a great fire set by invading Habsburg forces on the April 21, 1689 and since then it has the name of Black Church.

Brasov Postcard

The second card goes to Su Wang in Taiwan, postcard ID: RO-98199, and it is a bit different but it shows the same Black Church and a part of the “old city” and in the back the Tampa mountain.


The last postcard of this outbound series goes to Courtney in USA, postcard ID: RO-98201. This card shows another landmark of the old city, the Old City Hall (Casa Sfatului in Romanian) now a museum. This is located in the old city center named Council Square (Piata Sfatului), one of the most famous old city centers from Romania.


I hope you will like the postcards and this blog post, join if you want to send and receive random postcards and enjoy your day!



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