10 cool optical illusion paintings by Rob Gonsalves

I have found those really cool optical illusion paintings made by the artist Rob Gonsalves that  will blow your mind and I think everyone will enjoy. Take a look and let your mind explore them…


1.The aspiring acrobats


A path turning into a town.


2. The arboreal office


Woods turning into skyscrapers.

3. Night Lights


The night sky and the moon turning into a night space view of Europe.

4. Autumn Cycling


2 layer street with bicyclers.

5. The Phenomenon of Floating


This one: The phenomenon of floating is my favorite optical illusion painting by Rob Gonsalves – it is amazing! Let your mind float into the universe and drift away into the sea of dreams…

6. Cathedral of Commerce


A cathedral turning into a skyline.

7. Toward the Horizon


Bridge turning into ships at sea.

8. The Space Between Words


Books turning into windows. (So true!)

9. The Sun Sets Sails


Aqueduct turning into ships.

10. Chalkboard Universechalkboard-universe-rob-gonsalves-enjoysmallthings.com

And finally a tribute to the genius of Einstein, his chalkboard and formulas turning into The Universe…

Beautiful and strong, those pictures are the highlight of my day!

More from Rob Gonsalves on his Facebook Page here 

There are many other artists out there that are making cool optical illusion paintings and I will come back in a few days with another known artist, I will try to select 10 of his paintings to show the world.. I hope you enjoyed those 10 amazing optical illusions and please share them for your friends to be amazed.



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