3 new inbound postcards via Postcrossing

Today our mailbox was happy. The electricity bill was not the only thing we discovered inside, we also found 3 new postcards we received trough the Postcrossing project. A happy mailbox means a happy person that opens the mailbox. This time it was Raluca’s turn to open the mailbox and enjoy the new postcards.

We received one card from Christelle, she sent a card from Paris, France (FR-488914) with a beautiful view from Paris. In the background you can notice La Grande Arche de la Défense and the skyscrapers of the business district.


The second card is from Victoria from Belarus (BY-1547769) and is a nice card with 2 goats on a door entrance, on the back of the card it is a nice motto: Life is beautiful. Thank you Victoria for this nice card!


The third postcard is my favorite of this inbound series (this does not mean I like less the other 2) and it is a postcard from a painting from the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart and it shows Times Square, New York in 1953. We received this card from Christel from Germany (DE-3979004). Why is this my favorite? Simple – it shows New York and I was always fascinated about New York and U.S. and I hope I will  be able to visit New York and U.S. in the near future. This is one of my to do lists in the category places to visit.


I hope you will enjoy this post and our 3 inbound postcards as much as we enjoyed them.


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