3 new postcards ready to be sent out

In the last 3 days we received a lot of postcards and even if I already sent 3 postcards 2 days ago I decided  to send 3 more postcards. I want to reach the 300 marker of sent and received by random users postcards via Postcrossing… We are almost there, we are at 292 sent (and registered by other users) postcards.
The first one will go to Ukraine to Veronika and it is another amazing postcard from Rupea Fortress with a view of the whole fortress on the hill in a beautiful sunlight color…


The second card is from Neuschwanstein castle, a winter view of the castle between trees. It looks just like a animation movie castle… Well, I think that Disney used this castle as inspiration for his animations… This card goes to United Kingdom to Katerina. I hope she will enjoy this original card bought directly from the castle shop.


The third ant the last postcard of this mini series of outbound postcards is again from Rupea Fortress and this will go to Sweden to Margaretha. This is from the inside of the Fortress complex and it is a nice exposure of an old gate and trough this old ruined gate you can see the tower of the main entrance.

Cool postcards for cool postcrossers! Have a nice day!



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