Delicious and healthy breakfast: fruit smoothie

We have a habit of eating fruits as breakfast, because fruits have high natural sugar quantity in them and they also tend to ferment in your stomach. So it is always good to eat fruits at leas 1 hour before you eat something else. Try to not combine fruit with other foods.

Today we have a delicious breakfast: Fruit smoothie


Here is what we used  as ingredients for this smoothie:

– 2 banana

– 1/3 of a pineapple

– 3 oranges

– 1 passion fruit

– 1/2 small glass of soy milk

The mix between pineapple and the passion fruit is just delicious! But if you don’t have a passion fruit just use the other fruits, the smoothie will still be delicious.

I am adding the soy milk or just regular milk to get a more creamy texture of the smoothie and to mix the fruit together more easily.

Blend all the ingredients together in your blender and in 2 minutes you have a delicious breakfast.


Next time we will try a different smoothie.

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