DIY – 3D Paper butterfly wall stickers

The winter is gone and spring is coming to us slowly. We want to decorate our home accordingly and even Easter will arrive soon so we decided to make another DIY decoration:

Hand made wall stickers from paper butterflies

This is a simple DIY but it takes some time to craft it because it is meticulous and you need to really be patient on cutting the paper butterflies.

Here is what you need for this  decoration do it yourself:

– 2 colored A4 cardboard sheets paper-butterfly-diy-supplies

– some butterfly shapes

(draw some or choose some shapes online and print them)

– a pencil

– scissors

– glue or photo mounts



Let us get to work…

Get some butterfly shapes online and print them in 2 sizes or just draw them if you feel creative. You only need a half of the butterfly shape. We used 3 different shapes for the big size and 2 shapes for the small size butterflies.

Cut the A4 sheets in half (we used a grey cardboard sheet and a pink one – it creates a beautiful contrast) and then fold the 2 halves. shape-butterfly-sticker

Draw the shape using the example shapes/patterns and then cut them out.

For the small butterflies you need to cut again one of the 2 halves of A4 in half and then fold the cardboard sheet just to be more economic.


Once you are done (cutting out the butterflies is the hardest part) the butterflies are ready to be glued on your wall or the piece of furniture where you want to bring some spring.

Here is our result:

diy-butterfly-shape-wall-stickers diy-3D-butterfly-shape-wall-stickers


Let us know if you like this DIY and share a picture with your own DIY in a comment below.




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