DIY – Make a wish painting

I think two weeks ago I finished one of my projects. I saw on Pintrest a picture that I really liked so I wanted to make my own  painting. I knew that I had all the supplies so one afternoon I started to paint.

All i need it was a canvas and some acrylic paint (blue, grey, yellow, gold, white) and of course good mood.

1. Paint the base with blue and grey and let it dry.


2. You need now fine brushes, yellow pencil and colors – yellow, gold and white. Draw with pencil the flower (dandelion) – only the shape , the rest will be filled with acrylic paint. You do not have to make it perfect.


3. Add the text and you are done! Let it dry and you can put also a layer of varnish so the colors will last in time.

Final result!


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