Our mail smiled again, we received 3 new postcards

Today our mailbox smiled again as we received 3 new postcards. With this 3 we are at 295 received postcards via the postcrossing.com project… Only 5 more and we reach the 300 inbound postcards. It will be a special post then with pictures of all the cards and favorites.

The first received card for today is from our neighboring country Moldavia, from Marina , card ID MD-41282. I like this cartoon card and I called it: Catching Stars. Cool card for a young spirit.


The second card comes also from east, from Russia and was sent by Anna (card ID: Ru3480942) and it is a beautiful vintage card with a yellow rose, a special 8th of March , international Women’s day card. Thank you Anna!


The last one is from Koln, Germany and was sent also by another Anna. The card shows the Kolner Dom and the St. Martin church.


Thank you so much everyone for the nice postcards and the texts you wrote on them, it is really cool to receive a random card and text from someone you don’t know…each card has a story to tell, the card itself, the text and the wear of the card in transit from the expediter until it reached our mailbox … And I love postcard stories.

That is it for today!


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