Outbound postcards – 3 special cards to Russia, Germany and China

We have 3 special postcards ready to be sent today to Russia, Germany and China, we are almost at the 300 sent postcard and we have 8 more postcards to receive to reach the 300 inbound postcards via Postcrossing.

The first postcard is from Rupea fortress and will go to Tatiana in Russia. More about Rupea in this post – click here


The second postcard for today is from Prague, Czech Republic and will go to Dagmar in Germany. This card was bought from Prague, we visited Prague 2 years ago as a 4-days city trip.The view is from the Charles bridge, one of the most famous places from Prague.


The last card of this outbound series is from the amazing Neuschwanstein castle and will go to Melissa in China. Neuschwanstein was part of the same trip when we visited Prague, on the way back we made a small detour and ve visited an amazing castle taken from fairy tales… This is one of the places anyone needs to visit in his lifetime!


Happy Postcrossing!

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