We (finally) got a new camera: Canon SX 400 IS

This is my (not so much) professional review of the new camera we got after the old one died suddenly a few moths ago. We had an Olypmus compact camera that was a decent one and made some good photo’s but one day she decided to die on us…

Initially I wanted to purchase a big expensive professional DSLR camera but the budget and the convenience of having a small compact camera were 2 big factors when we decided to purchase the Canon SX400 IS black.

We have this for more than 1 week already but I wanted to test it before I wrote anything about it.

So my impressions after the first week of usage are:

– it is a very small and light weighted camera, I was surprised when I saw it in reality because in pictures you don’t realize the real scale. It is also light and easy to handle.

– It takes clear pictures and I am happy with the quality of the pictures, it has auto detection for all the possible scenes so it is a camera for someone that just wants to open the camera and take pictures without the hassle of finding the right ISO or color or other complicated settings.

– It takes HD movies just using a button and records also sound, I am happy with the quality of the movies so far.

– It has an amazing optical zoom that can help you take pictures miles away

– one possible minus point is the LCD screen, it has a low resolution so you see a slightly big difference between the screen and the picture that was taken.

– another minus point is the menu, it is a bit weird and chaotic but honestly the camera auto focuses and changes the settings automatically so you don’t really need the menu each time you open it.

To make things short, for my needs it is the perfect camera, easy to carry and takes more than decent pictures.

That is it for now, see below some random pictures I have taken in different moments of the day, different luminosity and weather conditions (I have not edited the pictures in any way).


Our Christmas decorations: The owl and the dwarf


Delicious breakfast…


Our cat Sysy


A cool historical building in Brasov.


Our own Brasov lighted sign on Tampa mountain.


That is it for today… Thanks for reading.

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