300 cards received and 300 cards sent trough Postcrossing

Today is a big day for us, we just reached the 300th postcard received  a few days ago and today we reached the 300th postcard sent. It’s a special day so it is time for a special blog post.

It was a long and fun journey, to reach the 300th postcard trough postcrossing.com project, we enjoyed each time we received new postcards and it is always fun to send new postcards to random people.

Here is a picture of all our received postcards….


Impressive, right?

Some quick stats about our poscrossing jurney:

We registered 4 years ago but we had moments where we weren’t that active and for a few months in a row we did not send or receive any postcard.

Here is how our postcrossing mailbox looks like now:


And the Top 5 Sent Postcards destinations by number of sent cards: Germany 45 cards – 15% , U.S.A. 36 cards -12%, Russia 32 cards -10.7%, Finland and The Netherlands each with 26 cards and 8.7% of the total cards we sent.


And now the received postcards top 5 by country and number of inbound postcards:Germany with 38 cards received – 12.7%, Russia 35 inbound postcards -11.7%, from Finland and U.S.A we received 29 cards – 9.7% and from The Netherlands we have 26 inbound postcards – 8.7% from the total received postcards.


All those countries are also the most active postcrossing countries… and it is only logical to receive cards from here…

And now my favorite cards, first the top 3 of sent postcards, voted as favorites by other postcrossing users:

A knight at the Bran Castle:


The Rasnov Fortress:


 A windmill at the Astra Open Air Museum in Sibiu:


From the 300 received postcards is difficult to pick only a few as favorites, it was a hard decision because 90% of the postcards we received are my favorites, but I have picked out 5 of them that I like the most.

So here is my top 5 received postcards

A cool postcard made out from stamps (we have received 2 of those  and we will create some soon as a DIY project):


Quiet begin of autumn at a farm:


Vintage postcard of the Times Square – New York – a place on my to visit list


Beautiful plains, river and mountains


Some beautiful hand painted mailboxes


That is it, hope you liked this post, please share it if you did and enjoy your day!

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