4 new inbound postcards from: 2 from Germany, Belarus and United Kingdom

Hello all Postcrossing fans!

Today is a special day for us in regards with postcards and the Postcrossing Project, we just received 4 new inbound postcards: 2 from Germany, one Belarus and  one from United Kingdom. We are happy every time our mailbox has postcards inside but today we received the 300th postcard via Postcrossing.com project.

I will make later a special blog post where I will make photo’s of all the postcards received, favorites and some stats…

Update:  This is the post about the 300th received and 300th sent postcard via postcrossing – click here

The first postcard for today is from Anja and is sent from Germany, DE-4043110 and the postcard is from Berlin and it shows a beautiful square: Gendarmenmarkt. I like the colors of the card and the one that took the picture immortalized a nice sunrise in this square.


 The second card comes from Belarus, was sent by Julia (BY-1569073) and it is an old vintage card from 1988, from the USSR era and it shows the Elbus mountain. It’s a cool card and I  like receiving vintage cards… (We have also a collection of vintage cards, I think I will start sending them via postcrossing)


The third postcard was sent by Anna, from United Kingdom (GB-639491), from London and it shows a painting called: “All these flowers for you” by Mili Weber. Thank you Anna for the nice card!


The last postcard from this series and the 300th postcard we have received and registered online is sent from Germany by Danni. (DE-4043127). This postcard is special also because it is from Iceland and it shows Seljalandsfoss, a cool waterfall from Iceland. At first I thought this was a geyser but I looked the location online and found out it is a waterfall.

The card has also 2 special stamps added besides the normal stamp, one from USA and one from Cuba…. Thank you Danni for the nice surprise and for the 300th card via Postcrossing.


That is it for today, have a wonderful day and share this post if you liked it!


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