4 outbound postcards to Germany, USA, Japan ad The Netherlands

Hello Postcrossing friends. Today I am sending 4 new outbound postcards to Germany, USA, Japan ad The Netherlands. Those cards are the first for April, this weekend I am planning to send some more cards. I want to reach the 300 sent postcard this month…

The first one goes to Mechthild in Germany and is a simple view of Brasov, with the Old Council House, the picture is old, I think from the 90s but the Old Council House remains a representative building for our small City.


The second card goes to Chris in the US, it is a postcard from Paris, France with the most iconic place from Paris: The Eiffel tower. We went in Paris twice for a couple of days and we visited this wonderful city. We got tickets then to BatoBus, it is a boat that has stops trough the most important tourist destinations in the city and you can just visit one destination then board the boat and go to another…It was really cool. I would like to go back some day for another visit for more destinations.


The third postcard from this outbound series goes to Koichiro in Japan and i have picked again a card from Rupea Fortress (we still have a few left from that colection) and I hope Koichiro will like this card, I think is the most iconic picture of the fortress standing imposing on the hill.


The fourth and the last card goes to Jolanda in The Netherlands. This card is from the famous Troy, the ancient city in Homer’s Iliad. We visited Troy last 2 summers when we went in Turkey and it was a nice history lesson. It felt good to stand on the stones of a famous ancient city and to dream about the life back then.


That is it for now, Happy Postcrossing and a wonderful day!



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