Banana – Redcurrants Milkshake for 2!

Since we love to eat fruits in the morning, we decided to try something new….and it turned out to be very delicious.

So when you have ripped bananas and you do not want to eat them anymore, we encourage you to try to make a delicious milkshake with them. You will see that only frozen bananas with some milk make the most delicious dessert.


We used for our milkshake the following ingredients:

– 3 frozen ripped bananas

– 1 cup of milk

– 100 gr redcurrants 

– vanilla 

Milkshake-in-processPut in your blender the frozen bananas with the cup of milk and vanilla and blend them until you get a thick paste… it will be very sweet, you do not need to add sugar or any other sweetener.You can eat it like this or you can ad now any other fruits that you want we added redcurrants.

After that blend one more time and you will get a delicious milkshake that you can enjoy as dessert or breakfast. This is how it turned out for us:


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