Belgium trip – day 2 – The North Sea and more

Today was a beautiful sunny day of spring. We decided to take advantage of the sun and warmth and go to see the North Sea, it’s only about 20 km from where we are right now so it was an easy destination.

First thing in the morning after the breakfast we went for a walk in the park of the village that is right in front of the house, there is a beautiful church here and we took advantage that it was open to take some pictures.


Even the nature shows us that, at least here, the spring is here, we found some beautiful flowers and Raluca took this picture.


Then we went to the North Sea, we parked the car on the road and walked trough the dunes of sand that protect the mainland (Belgium like The Netherlands is mostly under the sea level so they have a vast dunes and dams system). We saw the North Sea and remembered how much we missed it.


A lonely sail boat


2 chatting seagulls


The sea seen from the dunes

We found some interesting colored seashells. Take a look below.


On the way back we saw this cool looking car used to transport tourist on the sea side, reminded us of the childhood.


Then we went to Diksmuide for some shopping, and we visited the old center of the town with the specific architecture. We did not found so many stores here and we decided to go back to Ypres that is only 20 km from here and by car you are there in 20 minutes.



Here are some pictures we took in Ypres where we walked along the old medieval defense walls.


A hidden door in the walls…


Selfie 🙂


Spring is beautiful


Even more beautiful…

On the way back home we stopped to admire a windmill and took some pictures, windmills are pretty common here and are a beautiful sight.


We ended the evening with a nice family dinner and enjoyed a special Belgian beer: a brown abbey beer. Delicious!


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