Belgium Trip – day 4 – bike day

Hello guys!

Today was not quite a sunny day like yesterday, but we made an awesome bike trip trough the country side of Flanders, in the Diksmuide area. It rained a bite but we ware lucky and it stopped quickly and we even had some sun from time to time.

First we wanted to go in to the city to see the big Yser Towers, a museum commemorating The First World War. We decided not to go inside the towers because we already went there 3 times in the past.

 The IJzertoren (Yser Tower) – a peace monument –  was built after the First World War. It was demolished in 1946, a new tower was built in the 1950s. The tower houses a World War I museum owned by the United Nations, where it is possible among other things to experience the odor of mustard gas. It is also a symbol of Flemish nationalism.

The IJzertoren symbolizes the demand for Nooit meer Oorlog (No more War), which is written on the tower in the four languages of the fighting forces in the area during the First World War (Dutch, French, English and German). The rebuilt tower (84 metres or 276 ft – 22-story) is the highest peace monument in Europe.

Here are some pictures we took today


Yser Towers

The Flanders coat of arms

Some bomb shells left from the war

After this we went in the center of the city where we took some more pictures

the fish market

The old Fish Market

small-coat of arms streets of

All over the city center you can find this mark in the pavement


Was my lucky day – I even found a cent

Diksmuide coat of

The city’s coat of arms


A school that I liked


We even had time for a little snack next to a water channel

Next stop was another open air museum The Trench of Death from Diksmuide. Between 1914 and 1918, regiment after regiment of the Belgian army struggled under unbearably harsh conditions to prevent the German advance toward France at the point where it was halted temporarily by a flood. This place remained the heart of the Belgian resistance until the successful Anglo-Belgian offensive called the Battle of Flanders began on 28 September 1918.

100 years from the Great War

trench of death

Meet a beautiful pigeon on the way…

We found a small pad for bicycles so we followed it until we got to this beautiful place with the ruins of a bombarded church, a bomb shelter and a small chapel.

Cool bike pad


Belgium country side



A small chapel

On the way back we meet some MUSCLE COWS


The rest of the day we enjoyed it with our family.

We hope that you enjoyed our post today. If you did please share it with your friends.

Thank you! A lovely day further!

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