Belgium trip – day 5 – Efteling amusement park – The Netherlands

Hello blog readers! This post comes a bit late but we had a couple of days where we did so many things that we did not even had time to open the computer.

In the day 5 of our Belgium trip we visited the neighbor country: The Netherlands and we went there to an amazing amusement park: Efteling.

It was an amazing day in a fairy tale world of this theme park with so many attractions that in one full day (from the opening at 10 until the closing of the park at 16) we did not had enough time to visit all the attractions. More about Efteling on their official website here: Efteling theme park.


The park is divided in 4 realms for small and old where a whole family can have fun for multiple days and get a perfect vacation.

Due to time restrictions I will keep this post short for now but I will update it soon after we get home with pictures and more fun stuff we did in the park. (updated below)


Efteling park entrance


Finally we got some time to update our posts from the amazing trip we had, so below we posted some extra pictures from the park. We went there with some friends and we had a great day even if the weather wasn’t that great we enjoyed our 8 hours stay there at maximum.

The park is so huge that unfortunately you don’t have time in just one day to visit all the attractions but due to the fact that it was not crowded at all we managed to see and test most of the attractions.

The Laaf dwarfs town

The house of Hansel and Gretel

A beautiful PINK dove – I hope it was non-toxic color what they

The Python – the most head spinning

A band of musicians entertaining trough the park

The Pagoda – you can see the whole park from way

The Flying Dutchman – a cool boat theme

The Haunted House

The oriental corner of the park and the attraction called Fata Morgana

The Talking Tree – great attraction for

A small vintage train that goes round trough the park

The Troll

Tuffer the swinging Boat

That is about it from our Efteling day , I will update the post soon with a compilation film from the footage we took in the park…

Have a great day and please share your comments if you liked the post or you have been in Efteling and have something else to add.

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