Biscuit chocolate salami

Hello again friends! Are you ready for another sweet recipe? I know you are so here is our own recipe of a simple no-bake cookie:

Biscuit chocolate salami

This is really simple to prepare and it is delicious when you have friends over or just as a treat for you and your family.

The ingredients you need for this sweet recipe are: biscuit-salami-ingredients

– 400 gr biscuits

– 1/2 butter

– 150 ml milk or soy milk

– 4-6 spoons of cocoa 

(depends on how dark you want it to be)

– rum essence



You can also add some coconut flakes and some nuts or even hazelnuts for something special.


First step is to break the biscuits into smaller pieces, even grind them, but not to small because you will like to feel also bigger pieces in your delicious dessert.

Put the minced biscuits in a big bowl and add the butter and milk and start mixing (with your hand preferably), then add the cocoa powder and some rum essence. If you like to add hazelnuts, coconut flakes or something else just add them now. biscuit-salami-preparation

The mixture needs to stick together and not to be too soft. If it is too hard add some more milk, if it is too soft add some extra biscuits.

The next step is to roll the cookie into a foil and you will get a salami…delicious biscuits chocolate salami. Leave in the freezer for 15 minutes or in the fridge for 30 minutes then is ready to be sliced and served.

Here is our result:


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