Cleansing juice from celery, avocado and fruits

Today is the second day of Easter and around here we are used to eat a lot during any holiday, everywhere you go to visit someone they serve you something to eat or some sweets… Sometimes that can be too much for our bodies.

Even if you only eat a bit from each course mostly out of courtesy or to try a bit from each delicious course, you end up at the end of the day with a full stomach.

That is why we tried this cleansing juice to try to have a balanced breakfast at least… So we came up with this:

Cleansing juice with celery (apio), avocado, apple, orange and banana

Usually I’m not a big fan of vegetable juices but if you combine your vegetables with fruits the taste will be 100% different, here are the ingredients we used for this juice: cleansing-juice-ingredients

– 2-3 leaves of celery (apio)

– 1 avocado

– 2 apples

– 1 orange

– 1 banana




If you are like me and don’t really enjoy the celery taste you might want to add more oranges – they really camouflage the celery taste – or reduce the celery you add to the cleansing juice.

The preparation of the cleansing juice is quite simple, we used a slow juicer to get the best result from the ingredients and no hard fibers. Leave the avocado and the banana for later, they don’t mix good with the slow juicer.


When the juice is done just add it into a blender and then add the avocado and the banana, mix it for about a minute and you are done, you have a cool juice from vegetables and fruits that will help your digestion a lot and will be a boost in antioxidants and minerals for your body.


Here is our final result (and with some Easter decorations):


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