4 Outbound postcards to Germany, India, UK and US

Today we selected 4 random postcrossers to send some cool postcards, 3 of them are our own do it yourself postcards we did yesterday – see here the article.

The first postcard goes to Andreas in Germany, postcard is RO-102708  and it is a view from Brasov, our home city. I have bought this one a while ago and i recently found it in a drawer with some other postcards I will send at a later time. On the card you can see the famous Ecaterina Gate in the left, the old city square , the St Nicholas Church and the Black church down right.


The next postcard goes to Farheen in India (RO-102709) and I believe is our fist postcard we are sending in India, this is one of the postcards we made yesterday from stamps and cardboard, we really hope Farheen will enjoy this card as much as we do.


The second handmade postcard goes to Alan in United Kingdom, RO-102710.


The last postcard we made in our small project goes to the United States to The Blasco Family. Hope you like it guys.4-to-US-enjoysmallthings.com

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