Belgium trip – day 7 – Last day of our trip – enjoying the countryside

In the last day of our Belgium trip we decided to relax and not to go to far from home and we visited some villages near us, in the Western Flanders region and enjoyed the good weather. We just recharged our batteries for coming back home and coming back to work.

We found some interesting places and even the famous Caesar’s Tree in the small village of LO (see here also the wiki page), according to the legend Julius Caesar stopped at this tree during his military campaign in the area en route to Britannia in 55 BC, tied his horse to it, and took a nap in the shadow of its foliage.


This story is a bit stretched, the tree is old indeed but I don’t think is that old…Anyway it was an interesting discovery in our route on the country side of Flanders, Belgium.

We found some other small treasure memories and we took some pictures for us and others to enjoy, here they are:

The western gate of Lo and behind the controversial tree.

A small town hall

View from outside of a village, with the imposing church in the center of the village.

Another sign that the spring is here already… YESSS!

The old  town hall of Lo, Belgium – now a hotel

The stone minstrel outside of the old town hall of Lo, still entertaining tourists..

That is it, the lat day of our amazing 7 days trip to Belgium, we recharged our batteries and collected beautiful memories that will amuse us in the years to come.

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Have a wonderful day!

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