DIY – Handmade postcards from stamps and cardboard

When I went trough the postcards collection and arranged the 300 received postcards for pictures I have separated some envelopes and at first I wanted to throw them away but then an idea hit me. What if I will create some postcards out of the stamps from those envelopes. So the next step was to take down all the stamps from the envelopes to have them as raw materials for my next DIY project.

Here is what you need to create some

awesome handmade DIY postcards: stuff-you-need-for-handmade-diy-postcards

– recycled stamps from envelopes or old postcards

– cardboard (I used a blue cardboard)

– glue

– a shape or example postcard

– scissors

– a pencil



Draw the shape of the card using the pencil and then cut the cardboard – I made the corners round for a more spectacular effect of the future postcard.

Choose the stamps you want to use for the postcard and begin to glue them on the shaped cardboard.


In this phase you can be creative and stick the stamps with some space between them or overlapping each other, arrange them in lines right or crooked… it is a matter of choice, that makes each handmade DIY postcard unique. And that is what I like about this, the uniqueness of each created postcard.

You might want to add some foil or duct tape on top of the stamps to be sure they will remain there but I decided to keep them with nothing on top.

Take the example of the created postcard below:


On this card we used stamps from China, Japan, Russia, Italy,Taiwan, Germany and from United States and we even had enough stamps to make 3 of those handmade postcards. On the other postcards we used besides stamps from the already mentioned countries also some stamps from Norway, France, The Netherlands and Belgium.

Now I need to go to and select some lucky recepients for those awesome diy postcards. A post will follow shortly.


Hope you liked this small diy project and if you did please share the post and give us a big like below.


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