Eurovision Song contest: Voltaj represents Romania with All Over Again song

I am not such a big fan of the Eurovision song contest but this year I have heard that we will be represented by one of my favorite bands from Romania: Voltaj and this aroused my interest.

Especially when I have found out that they will sing a special song: De la capat / All over again – It is a song with a message, a strong message between Romanians scattered all over the world.

The message behind this is related to the fact that millions of Romanians are away for work abroad, some of them leaving their children at home, having no other option. Unfortunately children that are left home alone can be deeply affected by their parents’ absence. The future of our country and the future generations will be deeply impacted by this…

The Voltaj band launched a campaign together with this song: “All over again” is a mouthpiece for programs dedicated to troubled children and youth – more details on their official website

They already passed with the song the first semi-final of the contest on 19 May and they went to the grand final that will have place in Vienna on 23 May so if you like them just vote for them! Here more info about the Eurovision Song Contest.

Below you can listen to the song, the special edition of the song created for Eurovision:

Besides the strong message behind this song it is quite a nice song and the video was filmed in a wonderful location in the south of Romania , on a rocky outcrop on the river Danube, at the Iron Gates.

Enjoy the small things in life!

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