DIY – Garden trolls decoration

Hello dear friends and welcome back to our blog. Today we made a special Do It Yourself decoration suitable for any garden or home, made out of stones with love and a bit of online inspiration…our own version of:

Stone little trolls garden/home decoration

Here is what you need for this simple DIY:

– a flat larger stone to serve as base for the future decoration

– different sizes of round shaped stones

– silicone or stone adhesive

– white and black paint

– a small brush and a toothpick

First we wanted to use silicone to glue the smaller tones to the large base but the silicone we had was too soft and the stones were falling down and that is why we decided to use some stone adhesive we still had in our garden house.

We applied the stone adhesive to the flat base stone and started to pin the smaller round shaped stones on it, making sure the taller stones were in the back row and once we went in front used smaller and smaller stones, the smallest stones were on the first front row.

When all the smaller round stones are fixed on the base stone just start drawing their eyes with some white paint with the help of a small brush.

When the white paint is dry you can use a toothpick to finish the small trolls eyes with black paint.

And that is it! You will have your own amazing do it yourself garden or home decoration, made in 10-15 minutes from stones and stone adhesive with some white and black paint!

Here is our final result:


And we even made a small stone troll as a companion for one of our flowers 🙂 (this one has some hair and even a smile)

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