Garden Update: June

Hello dear friends and blog readers!

It is June already, I almost can’t believe it that we are already in June… time flies so fast! I have come with an update from our garden because things are starting to grow fast around here.

I am starting with the flowers we have because they are becoming a beauty for the eyes.

Not sure what type of flower is this but it smells so nice and makes new flowers all the time.

A small table flower in a pot

The roses are blooming – we have 3 red roses plants, 1 yellow with red and one white – the white ones are not blooming yet but soon

Beautiful red carnations blooming – can’t wait for them all to be open, they have a wonderful perfume.

Let’s see how the vegetables are doing:

Even the peas are starting to have flowers, this means that soon enough we will have fresh peas and I love peas…

A small zucchini flower.

In our DIY greenhouse all the vegetables are growing fast like the cherry tomatoes in the above picture.

And the eggplants that already have flowers.

We even have cucumbers and one was big enough to be harvested … delicious

The peppers are having flowers and small peppers an be seen growing there

Some salad in another DIY project of ours.

And the beans are growing next to the fence.

Now let’s go to the fruits:

Strawberries are starting to ripe…

Remember our Growing Strawberries post? Some of the strawberries plants are starting to have runners so we decided to let them and just put the runners into small plastic cups filled up with topsoil so they will grow roots, once the runners are steady with roots we can cut them from the mother plant. We will see how many runners we will have, if they are too many we will start cutting them before they get to develop, in order to have better fruits from the strawberries we panted. (If you let too many runners grow the plant focuses more on the runner than the fruits)

We hope you will like this Garden Update for June, I will come with another update in July or somewhere in the second or last week of June depending on the developments in the garden.

04.06 Update:

First small harvest of strawberries and cucumbers


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