DIY – 2 simple decoration ideas: Turning old legacy stuff into home decoration

Hello all! Below you have 2 simple decoration ideas everyone can do at home, the first one is a do it yourself and the second is just using something you already have as decoration. Both items are old items that we received at a certain point in our lives from our parents or grandparents… so they are legacy items with a lot of sentimental value.

First idea is to turn some old vases into cactus flower pot:


The above 2 vases are quite old and were got by Raluca from her grandmother, she really loved those 2 vases when she was a little girl and after many years she finally got them. She decided that they will catch a new life if they will have new life in them. So he used them as flower pot for 2  cactus flowers.

If you have a bigger vase you might want to add first some filling on the bottom of the vase and then the ground.

The second home decoration we present today is a beautiful white coral:


This coral was a gift from my great-parents, my grandfather went into a work delegation for a few months to build a factory in Egypt in the 60’s and he stayed somewhere next to the Red Sea. He had an impressive collection of natural corals at home and we got some of them. This one  is my favorite one, it’s design is quite amazing.

Hope you liked our post and our decoration ideas, if you have items that you want to bring them to life in your home just post in a comment bellow.

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