DIY – 4 piece painting: Elephants family

Hello everyone and welcome back to Enjoy Small Things blog!

Today we have a special painting set to present to you: The Elephants Family

This is special because we received it as a gift from a good friend of ours (Thank you so much Dana for this one) and it was hand made by her using oil painting on 4 pieces of hard painting canvases.  She used black for the tree and the 3 elephants from the painting and shades of red for the background creating an exotic feeling when you look at the painting set.

We found a special place in our home for this beautiful painting set , on the entrance hall so that everyone that enters the house will see our elephants family. First we wanted to leave some space between the pieces of painting but at the moment we decided to leave them together….

Below a perspective picture of the painting set.

elephants family - 3 pieces painting set

We hope you will enjoy this painting set as much as we did and remember to enjoy all small things in life!

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