5 new outbound postcards – Summer mood

TIt was hard to find the time to write new posts about our Lefkada Summer Holiday because of the busy schedule we had when we came back from holiday, but the posts will come for sure in the next days.

Meanwhile I have a new post about some outbound postcards via postcrossing.com project, we have fresh postcards from our trip so I decided to send some out in the big world to travel to other postcards lovers.

The first postcard goes to Taiwan to CHBB and it is a local postcard from Brasov from the Brasov Ethnography Museum, we received this postcard instead of an entrance ticket when we visited the museum this spring, the card shows a woman’s traditional costume from the Bran area (20 km South-West of Brasov)


The second postcard goes to Ian in Germany and I recently found this between my books, we took this from the Carpenter’s Tower, one of the renovated towers from the old city fortifications. One of the towers was occupied by an old carpenter and wood sculptor that made some amazing things. Unfortunately after about 2 years the tower was closed, not sure why.


The third postcard from this outbound batch goes to U.S.A to Shane and this is one of the postcards we purchased in our summer holiday in Lefkada Greece. This amazing view shows the most southern end of the Lefkada island with his amazing cliffs, blue sea and a lighthouse.


The fourth postcard goes to Taiwan and it is a view from the Franken Seenland in Germany. We got this postcard from a good friend that visited this summer Germany. Everyone that knows us brings back some postcards from the places they see. Thank you Dana for this postcard!


The last postcard of the series goes to Russia to Igor and is another postcard from Germanny. This one shows the amazing gardens of Hanover. We got this one from another friend that visited Hanover about 3 years ago.


That is it for today. We need to wait now for some inbound postcards, we will post them as soon as they arrive.

Happy Postcrossing to all of you that are in this postcard swapping project!

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