Lefkada holiday – day 1 and 2

Hello everyone! This is the first post from our summer sea holiday. The posts about our Lefkada holiday are coming a bit late but that is because I have decided not to take the laptop with us and enjoy this week of sea, sun, and no distraction from computers and technology if possible… I find myself in front of the computer the whole time in the rest of the year so the decision was simple to take.

Nevertheless we will post the updates in the chronological order so everyone can follow up with our posts.

This summer holiday we decided to go with a couple of family members and friends in Greece, to be more specific on the island of Lefkada. So we went there with 3 cars in total of 12 persons. At first I was a bit scared to go by car because it is a long way to go … about 1200 Km from our home, but we had a stop over in Thessaloniki on the way there and also on the way back.

The advantage in this is the adventure to drive and see the areas where you pass, enjoy the scenery and the road. In the first day we left from our homes around 5 in the morning, drove for about 3 hours in Romania and then we crossed Bulgaria from north to south and we also passed trough Sofia. This part of the road was the most difficult, about 6-7 hours with not so great in scenery and we got a feeling the road was never ending. Then we entered Greece and in about 1-2 hours we were in Thessaloniki.


Thessaloniki is a big city with a lot of history and the few hours in the first evening and the half day in the second day of our trip was not enough to see all the potential of this city. Some of the greek people we encountered told us proudly Thessaloniki is one of the most beautiful greek cities. We haven’t been in so many big greek cities so we need to believe them.

The most famous landmark of the city of Thessaloniki is it’s White Tower, we paid the 3 EUR entrance fee and went in the tower that has 6 floors organized as a city historical guide. The only downside is that the museum is only in Greek and you receive free of charge a listening device in English. The panorama from the top of the tower is stunning…


Below you can see the quay and the great park next to the White Tower and the Sea….


From the tower we spotted the Thessaloniki citadel on the hills, unfortunately we had no time to go there as it was far to go from the tower.


The next day we left with the final destination Lefkada and after 4 hours of driving trough amazing scenery and mountains (btw the highway trough the mountains was really amazing) we finally arrived in Lefkada…But this in the next post on our blog.


Hope you have enjoyed this post, please like and share if you did and stay tuned for the next one from our summer holiday.




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