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Hello everyone and welcome back to our blog. Today we received 3 amazing postcards trough the postcrossing.com project.

The first postcard comes from France, was sent by Marian and it shows the beautiful town of Annecy. This is a must go for our future travels because I love towns with water channels like Brugge in Belgium or the most famous Venice.

postcards from postcrossing

The second one is from the UK and was sent by John and it is from Bristol showing the Clifton Suspension Bridge with lots of air balloons , according to John there is a balloons fiesta each August. We participated to one of those in Ieper, Belgium many years ago and it was wonderful to see.

postcards from postcrossing

The third postcard comes all the way from Tauiwan and was sent by Rachel Ding, it shows a beautiful sunset at Sizihwan Bay. Would love to travel to such a remote place like Taiwan, and I really hope we will manage to do that in the future.

postcards from postcrossing

Thank you all for the amazing cards, thank you for reading this and please use the like and share buttons below to make this post or other posts from our blog visible to others.

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