DIY – coconut shell mulch for garden or flower pots

Hello friends! Welcome back to Enjoy Small Things blog! Today we have another really cool DIY and a really simple one:

Making mulch from coconut shell to use for your garden or flower pots

What you need?

– A coconut! 🙂

– a hammer and something hard like a wood plank

Just eat the delicious coconut flesh and do not throw the shell away but use a hammer to smash the shell into smaller pieces. You choose what size of the small chunks, for this example I left small chunks of about 1-2 cm.


When done smasshing the coconut (by the way this can be an usefull way of getting rid of all the accumulated stress from your job, just try it and you will see what I mean by that) you just need to find a usage for the new coconut mulch you have.

We used it as a ground cover for 2 small flower pots and I can say they look really good.


Not only that they look good but they are usefull also as a protection layer that keeps moisture in the ground when it’s really hot outside. So you have something practical and something beautiful under the same simple project that only takes about 2 minutes to be completed.

If you have a bigger quantity you can use this in your garden as a cover on the ground where you don’t want to have weeds growing.


That is it! Please use the like and share buttons below and share with us in a comment if you have tried this at home!

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