DIY – Making a shoe organizer from hangers

Hello everyone and welcome back to our blog. With the current busy schedule it was a bit hard for us to write other posts and we have so many things we did that would love to share. Even some old DIY projects that were already made this summer but due to lack of time we did not post them online yet.

This do it yourself project is one of them, and it is a simple DIY project about:

Making a shoe organizer from hangers

We all have sooooo many shoes and sometimes the entrance of your house is full of shoes (don’t know how it is in the home of everyone but in our home this happens everytime). So if you have any cabinet or wardrobe with a bit of space you can transform that with the help of some hangers and a chrome bar in a usefull shoe organiser.

 Here is the list of materials you need for this project:shoe organizer DIY from hangers

– Wire hangers (if they are covered in plastic or sillicone)

– chrome hangers bar

– some supports for the chrome bar

– a clipper or other cutting hand tool

– some screws and a screwdriver

The first thing you need to do is cut the bottom of the hangers then bend each side from the half to have a 90 degree angle. Then bend the other hald again to make an triangle that will keep the shoe from not falling down.

A tip here: you might like to use some quality hangers to Ensure it won’t bend under the load of heavy shoes.

shoe organizer DIY from hangers shoe organizer DIY from hangers

shoe organizer DIY from hangers

shoe organizer DIY from hangers shoe organizer DIY from hangers

 When you are done vutting and bending the hangers they should look like the above picture… Or at least something like that. Now you need to fix the support inside the wardrobe. We used an old wardrobe next to the entrance that was already used for shoes but now more shoes can be added inside.

And the final result should look like the picture below:


Hope you have enjoyed this simple DIY and if you already did a similar project or have any other ideas please share them in the comment field below.

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