Lefkada Holiday – review

Hello everyone! It seems that the time wasn’t really my friend in the past weeks, since our holiday in Lefkada I could barely find the time to write something on the blog. So this post will be a short review of our entire holiday not like the usual day to day report.

I will try a different approach, let the pictures tell you more and me write less… let’s see how that goes



Some reed umbrellas on the Ioannis beach, not far from Lefkada town, this is a well known beach for wind sports.


Sail boats in a gulf on the eastern side of the island, this view was amazing coming down from the mountain to see in front the sea, but unfortunately we had no parking place to picture it from above.


Windsurfers in Vasiliki – the most southern village of the island and a known wind surfing destination. The beach was not that great there, won’t recommend it if you are not passionate about wind surfing


Another great picture taken in Vasiliki



Delicious dinner after a long day at the beach, I would say that the food is good but I was a bit disappointed by the way they treat customers on  most of the restaurants we eat in in Lefkada. They don’t really make the impression they like customers… Just my personal opinion!


In one day we rented a motor boat and we visited some islands near the down of Nidry, we used our snorkeling gear and saw some amazing fish and shells and also we fished a bit… I even caught some fish.


On a cloudy day we had a small picnic on a quiet beach.


White-black stone and a small shell

Artistic mood – sandals and sun hat on a rocky beach


Cool sailboat in the horizon


A cool medieval fort on the channel entrance of the island


One day we rented a scooter and we visited the island, it was one of the most beautiful days we spent in Lefkada, it was a great idea to see the island by scooter.


The Nidry waterfalls – unfortunately a bit dry because of the dry season but still amazing view – 10 minutes on scooter from Nidry and about 10 minutes on foot from the special parking


A windmill on the Ioannis beach.


Ioannis beach again – relaxing day


A strange shell I have fished out from a bay in the boat day


Snorkeling next to a small island… amazing view in the back


Some ruins, view from the hotel in Thessaloniki


Some souvenirs from our Lefkada holidday: postcards for our postcrossing.com project and fridge magnets for friends and family.


And for us: a beautiful hand made ceramic souvenir.


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