Enjoying the Basque Country – Euskadi – Pamplona

Hello friends and welcome to a new travel post blog. In the last couple of days we enjoyed the Basque Country at his full beauty. Even if the first days were a bit rainy we still enjoyed some nature walks between rain drops and that gave us the chance to see the city life and rural life of north of Spain – The Basque Country or Euskadi how it’s called in the Basque language.

We visited the surroundings of Pamplona in the first day and then enjoyed the time with our old friends here, then the second day we went to a natural park into the Spanish Pyrenees and had a barbecue with some mixed Romanian and Spanish specialties. This was 12 October and it was the National day in Spain so we saw many families here to celebrate and one of them made a delicious traditional paella.


The third day we visited the center of Pamplona and it was a really nice autumn day. unfortunately I have forgot my camera at home and I only took some photos from my phone… not such a great quality. We visited the streets where the famous San Fermin takes place, the Plaza de Toros from Pamplona.


The City Hall in the old centre of Pamplona


The City Hall is not very big but it has a really beautiful architecture and statues on the facade.

Found this coat of arms on a building in the old center, the Spanish pig Black iberian..


The quiet streets were the bulls run on San Fermin


The Pamplona citadel – from the eastern side – This is a huge citadel with walls and water ditches.


La Plaza de Toros – Unfortunately it was closed so we were unable to see the interior.

Way of St. James

Camino de Santiago sign – Way of St. James – the modern symbol of this pilgrimage route

That is it for today, have a wonderful week!

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