Late harvest – autumn garden update

 Hello friends and welcome back to our blog. This time we have an autumn garden update and this will be probably the last update from our garden this year as the cold is starting to show it’s teeth. Nevertheless we have some late harvest. 

 I love strawberries and this year I have really enjoyed eating them from my own garden, and even if the plants were not many we had a pretty good harvest, we were able to eat strawberries each day in the past 3 months, and at least until the freezing cold will come we can still enjoy delicious fruits…


 The greenhouse was not really a success story but I had enjoyed eating tomatoes with really good tomato taste, especially the cherry tomatoes we planted, they were absolutely delicious.


We even had a few small aubergines… even if on our location it is not warm enough to really grow them, we managed to get a few ones to enjoy the taste of own grown veggies.


And that is not all, we have some beautiful autumn flowers in the front of ur house with beautiful colors that will last until the snow will come.


Even if this year we did not had enough time to take care of our small garden we enjoyed it as it was and we had enough fruits and veggies for us to enjoy fresh from the garden. Next year we will organize better and have some amazing harvests.

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