October inbound postcards – postcrossing

 Hello postcrossing friends! We have  2 new postcards ready for today! We just received them today and it is a good chance to update the postcrossing category on the website.

Unfortunately because we had a few showers today somehow water managed to go inside the postbox so the postcards got a bit wet and became a bit bent.

The first postcard we received is from Australia and it shows the Casey station an outpost in the  Antarctica. This is the first postcard from Antarctica so it is a cool and treasured postcard for us. Thank you so much!


The second inbound postcard we received is sent by  Evgenia from Russia and it shows another frozen landscape, this time from the Altai Mountains in Russia. It is a really nice landscape and it already brings winter in my mind…not sure we are done with summer yet but we cannot fight against the seasons and the weather.russia-evgenia-altai-tuva-mongolia

That is it for today, 2 “frozen” inbound postcards that bring early winter into our home, and make me already think about cinnamon tea and some home made cookies.

Have a wonderful day!


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