San Sebastian – The Atlantic ocean – Holiday update

Hello friends! Thanks for visiting our blog again for a new update from our Spanish holiday in the Basque Country. This time we visited a beautiful coastal city: San Sebastian or Donostia in Basque – it is a big city in the north west of Spain at the Atlantic Ocean.

We were there in about 1 hour from Pamplona by car – so lucky to have wonderful guides here to show us everything and really relax and enjoy the holiday.

The two sisters canyon in the Spanish Pyrenees – the highway between Pamplona and San Sebastian

The Port of San Sebastian and some conquistadors

Some beautiful homes in Plaza de la constitucion – San Sebastian (Constitution Square)

San Sebastian

I love taking pictures of coats of arms – this was located on one of the buildings in the Constitution Square

San Sebastian

Up on the hill Monte Urgull you can see a giant statue of Christ of the Sacred Heart. Did not had the time to go up to see the view from up there.

San Sebastian

The San Sebastian seafront and some streets that go into the old city. We went there and found a traditional tavern where we enjoyed a traditional menu of the day at a quite decent price. It was the best day so far from our Spanish holiday.

San Sebastian

We visited the Aquarium of San Sebastian, a beautiful building on the Northern seafront of the city – it is a maritime museum and an aquarium where we enjoyed this aquarium tunnel – I was really impressed by 2 giant sharks I saw there.

San Sebastian

The lighthouse seen from the hill at the sunset.

San Sebastian

The city from the southern hill… Beautiful sights. There on the hill there is a panoramic viewpoint but unfortunately we were a bit late because at 19:00 they close (not sure if this is a good logic to close the panoramic viewpoint at night when you have the best view).

San Sebastian

On the way back the Spanish Pyrenees  and a village down – picture taken from the highway.

Our journey in Spain continues… see you next time, please like and share using the buttons below.


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